What to consider when shopping for an Auto Insurance policy in Northwest Indiana?


Price is one of the most important things you’ll need to think about when buying auto insurance, but there are many other factors to consider. Many car insurance companies offer free add-ons and extras to entice you, but you also need to look at what’s included as standard as you might not have the cover you need. Avoid paying more for auto insurance than you can afford to but try to get as much cover as you require.


Your excess is what you’ll need to pay if you make a claim after your car is damaged. There are two types of excess, which are compulsory and voluntary excess. Your voluntary excess is an amount you can add on top if you want to bring down the cost of cover.

Voluntary Excess

Voluntary excess is the amount you have to pay when you make a claim for damage to your car. Insurers use it to stop people claiming for every ding and dent. If you’re not confident that you can pay your excess, you may be able to get an extra insurance policy to cover this.

Breakdown cover

It’s not too common for insurers to offer breakdown cover as standard, but you should be able to get it as an add-on. There are multiple kinds of breakdown covers available. A standard breakdown cover will help if you ever get stuck out on the roads, but an “at-home” breakdown cover is also available if your car won’t start on your driveway.

Courtesy cars

Some insurance providers will give you access to a courtesy car if your main vehicle needs a repair. Although this is often included as standard, make sure you check first rather than presuming this is available.

Medical cover

Some policies include basic medical cover for if someone is injured whilst you are driving. You may also be able to get personal injury covers that will pay out if something serious happens, such as a long-term or permanent injury, or even death. You may need to get a medical exam before you can get access to personal accident cover. Some policies will also cover you if facilities you use in your car like your stereo or satellite navigation system are stolen.

Who can provide auto insurance cover in Northwest Indiana?

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