What should my Northwest Indiana homeowners insurance policy cover?

What is the purpose of homeowners insurance?

If you own your own home, getting it covered with an insurance policy is essential. Your homeowners’ insurance can protect you and ensure you’re not left out of pocket if you’re the victim of damage or theft. Almost all mortgage companies require homeowners to have a suitable insurance policy in place. You normally need cover for the whole value of the property.

What should I be covered for?

Your insurance policy should cover damage and destruction of the interior and exterior of your home. You should also get cover for harm to others in case someone is injured or worse whilst on your property, and it’s a very good idea to insure any contents that are valuable to you.

Can I get cover for things I take away from my home?

Yes. You should be able to get cover for items that you remove from your own on a regular basis. These may include jewelry or electronic items like your laptop or cellphone. If you have any particularly valuable items, you may need to put these on an itemized schedule so you get the full value for them if anything does happen to them.

Do I need insurance if I only rent my home?

Many landlords require their tenants to get renter’s insurance coverage. Even if your landlord doesn’t, it’s very wise to have sufficient cover in place.

How much will I pay for homeowners insurance?

The amount that you will pay to insure your home will depend on a range of factors. These include the likelihood that a claim will be filed, the claim history of the property, where you live, and the condition that the home is in. You need to have the entire value of your property insured so you’re covered in the event of a fire, a hurricane, or another disaster that could leave your home destroyed. However, it can be harder to get cover for some natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. You may also need to cover freestanding structures like garages separately. Insurance can also cover you if you need to go and stay elsewhere after your home has been damaged or destroyed.

Who can help me get homeowners insurance in Northwest Indiana?

At Crowel, we are ready to assist you if you need to purchase Northwest Indiana homeowners insurance. We have been one of the most trusted insurance services in the region for decades, and we are not tied to any particular insurance provider. You can reach us today by giving us a call, sending us a text, or by filling in the form on our website. We will get back to you as promptly as we possibly can so we can provide all the advice and guidance that you require.