Uninsured Motorists coverage in Indiana

Do I have to have Uninsured Motorists coverage in Indiana?

Are you wondering if you need to have Uninsured Motorists coverage in Indiana? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about Uninsured Motorists’ coverage and whether you are legally required to have it if you want to drive on the roads of Indiana.

What exactly is Uninsured Motorists’ coverage?

Uninsured Motorists coverage enables you to pay for damages that have been caused by a driver without car insurance. If you are injured or your car is damaged in an accident that’s caused by a driver without insurance, you can use this coverage to help pay for costs that you’ve incurred. The coverage may or may not cover all related expenses depending on what the limits in your policy are.

Why do I need car insurance in Indiana?

Indiana law states that all drivers need a minimum amount of insurance so they can drive on local roads. If you do get caught driving without insurance, you may face tough penalties. The state of Indiana requires all drivers to have liability coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage. If you do meet the minimum requirements, you may need to pay less for your cover than many other drivers. However, this can be risky as this could mean paying considerable sums for car repairs and medical treatment if you are involved in a severe accident.

What will happen if I drive without insurance in Indiana?

It’s essential to keep proof of insurance with you at all times. If you do have insurance but can’t offer evidence if you are stopped by an officer, you will have 40 days to give a certificate of compliance. If you haven’t provided this after 40 days, your license could be suspended until you have been able to submit a certificate.

Who can provide me with uninsured motorists coverage in Indiana?

At Crowel, we are here to help if you need to find uninsured motorist coverage in Indiana or any other kind of auto insurance. We can match you with a plan that suits your needs perfectly, and we’re able to insure all drivers regardless of their driving records. We have been a leading player in the insurance industry for almost 60 years and have seen many competitors come and go over the years.

What makes us different?

Our physical offices are open for extended hours, so you don’t need to overhaul your schedule if you want to speak to us in person. We compare rates from various companies, rather than simply quoting you a single rate and leaving you to compare plans without our expert assistance. We are not tied to any particular insurance provider and are proud to offer an independent, impartial service.

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