Auto Policies and Rental Cars

Why would I need to use a rental car?

People use rental cars for various reasons. You might need to use a rental car if you have recently sold your own vehicle, or if your main car is currently in the garage undergoing repairs.

Do auto policies normally include rental cars?

It’s not normally the case that your existing auto policy will include a rental car. Even though you may be insured on your own vehicle, you may not actually be insured for the use of a rental car. In the past, it was more common for people’s own policies to cover the use of someone else’s car if they had permission from the owner. However, this is rarely the case today. Many people still do presume that they are covered to drive rental cars when they are not.

How do I know if I am covered to drive a rental car?

The only real way to find out if you are covered to drive a rental car is to check your current policy. If you do check this and things still seem unclear, get in touch with your insurer so they can confirm whether you are covered for the use of a rental car or not. If it turns out that you don’t have cover, you could face prosecution for driving without insurance.

Am I covered by my rental car provider?

Many rental companies do include their own cover when you hire a car from them. Cover may be included in the price that you pay. However, you need to check out what you’re covered for even if you are insured. You may not get the same level of cover as you would if you were purchasing insurance for your own vehicle. You may also find that the ‘damage waiver’ insurance cover that you get when renting a vehicle comes with a big excess. You may be able to reduce this amount by paying for a one-off add-on.

How can I get cover for a rental car?

If you do need to get the right level of cover for a rental car, talk to Crowel today. We can help you get the best cover for your specific needs. We have been a leading player in the industry for almost sixty years and are an independent, impartial advisor that’s not tied or biased to any particular insurance provider.

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