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Why is having an umbrella policy important?

What is an umbrella policy? An umbrella policy is an insurance policy that protects your assets if you are sued. People from all walks of life are sued every day, and the reasons for this can vary wildly. When you have an umbrella policy in place, you can keep hold of your assets if you…

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Why do insurance companies need my credit score?

What are credit-based insurance scores? Credit-based insurance scores are generally based on credit reports from one of the main credit bureaus. These scores are used to help insurers decide how likely it is that you will file a claim that costs them more than you pay in premiums. Main reasons an insurer may need your…


What to consider when shopping for an Auto Insurance policy in Northwest Indiana?

Price Price is one of the most important things you’ll need to think about when buying auto insurance, but there are many other factors to consider. Many car insurance companies offer free add-ons and extras to entice you, but you also need to look at what’s included as standard as you might not have the…

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What should my Northwest Indiana homeowners insurance policy cover?

What is the purpose of homeowners insurance? If you own your own home, getting it covered with an insurance policy is essential. Your homeowners’ insurance can protect you and ensure you’re not left out of pocket if you’re the victim of damage or theft. Almost all mortgage companies require homeowners to have a suitable insurance…

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Auto Policies and Rental Cars

Why would I need to use a rental car? People use rental cars for various reasons. You might need to use a rental car if you have recently sold your own vehicle, or if your main car is currently in the garage undergoing repairs. Do auto policies normally include rental cars? It’s not normally the…

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Scheduling High-Value Items

Do I need to schedule high-value items on my Homeowners? Are you wondering whether you need to schedule high-value items on your homeowners’ insurance? Many people have been caught out after something has happened to their high-value items and they’ve only been partially covered for them. Read on to find out more about scheduling high-value…


Indiana Renter’s Insurance

Do I need renters insurance in Indiana? Are you wondering if you require renters insurance in the state of Indiana? If so, you’re in the right place. If you don’t have renters insurance in place during your tenancy, you may be unable to put things right if something unfortunate does happen. Read on to find…

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Uninsured Motorists coverage in Indiana

Do I have to have Uninsured Motorists coverage in Indiana? Are you wondering if you need to have Uninsured Motorists coverage in Indiana? If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about Uninsured Motorists’ coverage and whether you are legally required to have it if you want to drive on the…

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